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Semenax® Volume Enhancer Pills Review. Where to Buy Officially?

Semenax® is a clinically proven sperm volume supplement designed to make your sex fantastic by taking your orgasms to absolutely new levels. This is a super formula that helps increase ejaculation volume and intensify your climaxes.


If you're wondering where to buy Semenax® sperm enhancement pills and where to find the official site, you've come to the right place. We have researched Semenax, on this page you will find out how to buy an original product, how to save money on sperm volume pills purchase, how to use Semenax.



Our honest Semenax review consists of different aspects. You'll be able to compare Semenax to other sperm volume pills and decide which one to buy.


How long to use Semenax® pill to ejaculate as you want without pills? This is a common question we are ready to answer.


How to take Semenax pills?


You have to take it once a day with your daily meal.


What Can Official Semenax® Do For You?

  • Higher orgasm control
  • Longer-lasting and more intense ejaculations
  • More powerful loads
  • Better sexual pleasure
  • Wild and unbelievable sexual sensations experienced by your partner

Why Choose Semenax®?

  • Semenax is officially proven to increase semen volume and enhance orgasm intensity.
  • The company offers its customers to try this supplement with no risks taken for two months. If no expected results are achieved, you will get a 100% refund for your purchase. 
  • You will also get free gifts and discounts when you order in bulk.
Best rated product

Semenax® is manufactured in the GMP laboratory in the
The United States of America.


Its manufacturer is Leading Edge Health that has been the industry
the leader since 1999.


It provides top-quality skincare, anti-aging, and sexual health products
for its customers to stay youthful and vigorous as long as possible. 


Unique Benefits

  • Semenax is the bestselling natural volume enhancer that has been known to the world since 2003(Semenax official site stats).
  • Its formula contains only natural, time-tested, safe and potent ingredients that are known to increase sperm count, motility, and quality, boost orgasm intensity and promote overall sexual health.
  • Semenax is reported to have improved the sex lives of over two million men (as well as women) around the world and has always been the # 1 semen improvement tablet.
Climinax wordwide

Semenax is available on the official site, we ship to all countries. No matter where you`re from the USA, France, or Saudi Arabia. Your package will be shipped easily and discreetly.


Your order is secured by a 128-bit secure connection; we accept credit cards, mail and fax orders.

Here`s How You Can Increase Your Sperm Count By 500% and Get Powerful Orgasms:

  • Order Semenax pills officially (click here)
  • Use only one-two pills a day to get maximum results in a week.
  • You'll be able to get incredible orgasms.
  • Feel the maximum power of your sexual stamina.
  • Increase your sperm production without side effects. Speed up the results with the Semenax formula.
  • Impress your sexual partner and feel the confidence you desire!

Semenax is the best formula to increase sperm count in a natural way. This type of product is not very common, we usually deal with pills to increase potency, and manufacturers promise and get rid of premature ejaculation and increase sperm count, and increase stamina and make your penis bigger.

In fact, the problem of a small amount of sperm is very individual and requires a specific impact on the cause of the problem.

The most important thing is to understand what kind of product it is, what it consists of, how it works and what is known about it from official sources? I agree I do not want to experiment on my healthWhatever the desire to ejaculate as in adult films, you should study the product that you are going to take for many months.

So what is Semenax?

This is a natural sperm volume pills, which in its formula contains ingredients that provoke increased sperm production, which in the end leads to the real growth of ejaculate. It is not about the fact that your sperm become more active for fertilization. It is exclusively about sperm ejaculating much more.

As part of Semenax contains 17 ingredients, whose action is beneficial for a particular function - the selection of sperm.

Avena Sativa Extract is a true activator of your hidden sexual abilities. This extract not only enhances your sexual functions but also fills you with energy, raises your tone and arousal. This ingredient was used in Germany 200 years ago as a powerful pathogen.

Butea Superba is a famous Thai aphrodisiac. It was not chosen by chance for the formula; its use has a very mild effect on the libido of men.

Catuaba Bark - this herb grows in Brazil, the properties of this ingredient are as follows: a direct effect on problems with the production of ejaculate. Those. when you have little sperm produced, you need to eliminate the cause, it usually lies in the sexual functions of men. Having established them you will receive a normal amount of sperm.

Epimedium is a common horny goat weed whose goats initially experienced. They more often had sex and they were better able to have offspring. The man now uses this extract to normalize sexual functions.

Chotorn Berry Antioxidants can resist aging. Strengthening the cardiovascular system is the key to fighting blood pressure to improve sexual function. The amount of sperm secreted during ejaculation depends on your sexual health.

How to use Semenax?

There are 90 tablets in one bottle of Semenax, and one to 3 tablets per day are taken 10 minutes before meals.

The first results can be observed after 14-18 days according to the customer reviews, i.e. secreted sperm becomes larger and this is noticeable to the naked eye. After another 2-3 weeks, you begin to really feel how sex has changed in which there is more sperm and the duration of the orgasm is noticeably increasing. The final results can be observed after 3-6 months - this is pretty fast, given that the body of each man is individual, the effect on sexual functions is also different.


I would note that Semenax is an effective product developed by the trusted company Leading Edge Health, the product is natural, it works quickly, the result is guaranteed, the price is reasonable.

Among the minuses, I would say - the effect is unpredictable at first, some men do not experience results within 3-4 weeks and this is depressing. On the other hand, it is not enough just to take pills, you need to start eating right and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Where to buy Semenax pills?

Buying is possible on many sites, but intermediaries not only increase prices but often sell a non-original product, do not give a guarantee, do not give any bonuses, you do not have a support service, no one to ask a question. That is why we recommend buying Semenax only officially.

It’s really simple - order a product on the official site with worldwide delivery. The official website has collected a lot of useful information about the product and its performance.

So, before you start searching for pills that can increase the volume of sperm you produce, answer the following questions:


Have you tried in any way to increase the volume of your semen?

  • Do you know the cause of your problem?
  • Have you started to notice a decrease in sperm volume now or has it always been with you?
  • Do you have any potential potency problems? Perhaps your erection has weakened, your sexual desire has disappeared?
  • Are you overweight? What could cause this problem?
  • How often do you masturbate?


So, the answers to these questions will help you determine if you have a problem with a lack of sperm, what is the reason for it and whether you need natural Semenax pills to get rid of the problem. Well and most importantly - will they help you?


So, let's consistently answer the questions from the list above.

What have you tried to do to increase your semen volume?


In fact, there are few methods, and to be honest - only one is to change your diet and saturate it with those vitamins and minerals that help produce more sperm. But this may not help since in its pure form the necessary ingredients in the products are contained in very small quantities and you would have taken a lot of time to consume them (zinc-rich foods) in order to somehow increase the excretion of sperm. And if you have parallel problems with potency, overweight, health, you do not do any sports or exercises, then you will not see the result at all.


So, if you go to the doctor he will ask you about your illnesses, look at your card and tell you if you have any physiological causes of the problem. Even doctors know - the semen volume in men directly depends on their male libido, on the male hormone testosterone, on your health. That's right - men who have no health problems, they have the right diet, they get enough sleep, they have no stress, they have sports in life - they don’t experience your problems. 


But what to do now, if you are already with this problem. You can’t just restructure your entire schedule like that, break all your habits, run into the gym, change your diet, lose 10-20 kg of excess weight right away. No, that doesn't work like that. That is why, at the initial stage, products such as Semenax are chosen that stimulate sperm production. But you can not rely only on him. 


This sperm volume pills are natural and effective, but if you continue to spread rot your health, including sexual health, the effect will be minimal and will disappear as soon as you stop taking the pills. Do you want another? Do you want to forget about the problems with a small amount of sperm once and for all? She is terrible, she disappoints you and your partner, sexually weak ejaculation is a failure, a fall, a loss in bed. 


You know this and she knows this, your doctor knows this - but she will reassure you: "This is normal, do not worry, this is not a disease, everything is fine with you." Yes, everything is fine with you, but you feel like a complete jerk, not a lover after an orgasm. This does not excite her, her instincts require a man with good fertility, who ends up not with a fountain, but with a beautiful cumshot. What can I say - many women are excited at the sight of ejaculation, plentiful, strong, some girls immediately want to suck a member, lick it and every drop of sperm? 


Even if they do not like her taste, they do not mind having them cum in their mouth - they feel that they have pleased you. And if you have two drops from the penis fell on their tongue, she will think that this way she excites you, or is it not ejaculation at all? Maybe she’s so bad in bed that you can’t cum? Let’s go explain to her why you have two drops dripping from the penis and prove that it’s sperm, can you do an analysis of this substance right away and together with a microscope you will understand that its sperm? 


Don’t be stupid, everything can be clear here, even if she sees that you have finished, she will consider you a lousy lover whether you want it or not. And then it all depends on whether you put up with it or start acting and at least take a course of taking pills to increase sperm, which all porn actors undergo. Yes, yes - do you think they end up like that on their own? 


They take Semenax pills because this formula is the only one of its kind in the world, the Volume Pills Concrete is produced by the same company, but it is less effective.

Now answer your question - has it always been like this or only now? Yes, remember how it was before. I’m sure you could have strong ejaculations, though not like the porn actors, there was sperm on it when you finished. And now? If the problem occurred recently - this is the easiest option to return everything as it was, at least, but better - to strengthen. 


Remember what may have happened to you lately: stress, illness, poor health, excessive workload, how do you sleep, what did you start to eat, drink? Take a look and tell yourself - what has changed in your life and try to remember if this could affect the amount of sperm that you spew today. In the case of taking Semenax tablets, everything can be fixed, but only you need to concurrently remove the problem that, in your opinion, could lead to a decrease in sperm. 


Yes, your potency reacts to any changes in life - with health, with the departure of your wife, with problems in work, with alcoholism, and obesity. Your potency is an indicator of your health problems: physical and psychological. We men are dependent on the content of the hormone testosterone in our blood. And he needs good nutrition, physical activity, healthy sleep, regular sex, and good health. If you have weak immunity, it undermines your health, and on a regular basis. By taking Semenax you will be able to make up for your losses in those trace elements that are so important for sperm production. You can solve the problem - even if you have a strong erection and there are no problems with potency, the amount of sperm may be small due to the fact that there is a violation in sexual function.


Masturbation on an ongoing basis is a signal to your body to reduce sperm production. Not even that - frequent sex is a signal. But, since we can masturbate every day and sometimes 2 times, sex with a girl, especially constant, is 1-2 times a week at best. By the way, these men often produce more sperm. But I can’t imagine myself without an orgasm every day, honestly. 


But this was not always the case with me, earlier I could hold on for 2 weeks, simply because my potency began to weaken. The erection was weaker, I less wanted sex. But when he began to restore health - everything changed, when he began to take pills to increase sperm - there was more desire and I wanted to have sex almost every day. So I started to do it, and that’s why sperm became less even with pills. When I began to restrain myself - it increased every 5 times and I concluded that for a good sperm volume sex should be abundant, but not too much.



Now more about Semenax



This formula officially contains 17 important ingredients at once, they work in tandem in such a way that this leads to a 5-fold increase in the volume of ejaculation. In this case, an erection becomes much stronger and longer. After all, we cannot just take pills and produce more sperm, here we are talking about the fact that the sexual functions of the body are being established. You begin to want sex more, you get more pleasure from it. 


And these are not empty words, sex after Semenax is a completely different quality of sex. More sensual, more explosive, you feel your partner better, feel frictions and your orgasm becomes longer. This is all the effect of taking Semenax.


Let's talk specifically about the official ingredients list in this review:


Butea Superba

This is a very strong natural aphrodisiac used in Thailand. If you know, traditional medicine is very well developed there and this product is held in high esteem and respect due to its properties. The local population and male sexual health drug factories use this extract in almost all of their products.


Catuaba bark

This herb also boasts of its own effects on the strength of male erections and sperm production. As already mentioned, a strong and lasting erection is possible when your sexual functions are working properly. This immediately affects the amount of sperm that your body produces.


Cranberry extract

This extract helps to cure problems caused by infections in the urethra. As you know, this problem can cause such consequences as a decrease in the amount of sperm in the body and a decrease in an erection. This is a medical problem, you can consult a doctor and take tests. But if everything is at the initial level or your body is able to cope with the problem, then cranberry extract can help you solve it.


Hawthorne Berry

Signs of aging in your body are due to the loss of HGH and testosterone. This automatically provokes a decrease in erection and other problems, such as sperm production. Hawthorne Berry has excellent antioxidant properties and rejuvenates your body, including your blood pressure. Problems with it cause a decrease in sexual desire. The purpose of this extract is to reduce the amount of cholesterol in your blood, destroy fat deposits. By getting rid of these blocks, you can get rid of any potential problems with potency.



Many studies let us know that this extract is effective in combating erectile dysfunction and other sexual functions such as mild ejaculation. Weak sperm motility leads to a loss in ejaculation volume. L-Arginine helps to activate sperm and increase its amount during ejaculation. The health of your sperm is its ability to increase in quantity.



This amino acid works great together with zinc to increase the quantity and quality of sperm. This extract helps to restore normal testosterone levels because it is he who is responsible for your male libido and sperm production in the body.



An excellent antioxidant that helps increase libido and get more pleasure from sex. Studies show that it is Maca that stimulates sperm production and also eliminates erectile dysfunction.


Muira Puama

It stimulates your cognitive functions, improves health, including sexual health, and strengthens male sexual desires.


Pine bark extract

It copes with the problem of erectile dysfunction, stimulates the production of nitric oxide responsible for many processes in your sexual functions.



It is a general tonic that can help with problems with potency and urination.


Swedish flower pollen

Supports your reproductive system, helps increase your masculine strength.


Vitamin E

The problem of erectile dysfunction most often comes from a lack of this vitamin in your body. When it is enough, you can forget about problems with an erection. In Semenax - enough of this vitamin in the tablet, so you can enjoy sexual health.



It is zinc that stimulates the production of testosterone. This is of great importance to the prostate gland and your reproductive organs.


All the ingredients that I talked about are completely natural and contained in the correct proportions so that you feel an increase in your libido and see an increase in sperm production in your body.

Semenax is recommended for all men and can be sold over the counter. The best place to buy is the official website.


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