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Semenax Customer Review and Pictures of My Results(3-6 Months)

In this customer review, I will review the Semenax product that I have been using for 6 months to increase my semen volume. From this review you will learn:

- what motivated me to buy Semenax tablets

- how the product actually works

- does it have any side effects

- what results have I achieved

- how I took the pills to get the result

- what else was required besides Semenax to achieve the goal?

- how has the increase in sperm count affected my sex life?


Who am I?


I am 38 years old and I have an active sex life, but I often face misunderstanding of my sexual partners - why do I have so little sperm? What is wrong with my cumshots? I know that powerful ejaculation can be so colorful, emotional, but I didn't know anything about it before I took Semenax.

I had 4 problems with my sperm count, which prompted me to buy Semenax.


My first problem

My girls have asked me a lot – have you finished already? Did you cum? Where is your sperm? Girls who bring me to orgasm and ask for graduation in my mouth did not get what they want, they thought that they do not satisfy me and leave. I just have little sperm, too little for a cumshot, you must understand this. Every man is an individual, semen count is different for everybody, so enjoy your sex life! This is complete bullshit when it comes to real sex relationships.


2nd problem

My orgasm was too short , I just can not figure out how to make it longer, because it can give me more sensations, powerful and strong, as I learned later.


3rd problem

All that leads to a Psychological problem. Due to the fact that I had not enough sperm during orgasm - it looked just miserable in the eyes of the girls with whom I had sex. What kind of orgasm is it when you have a couple of sperm drops? 


All this showed me not from the best side: I was a bad lover. I could not satisfy a girl. It affected my erection, my emotional state. Every time I tried to cum so that she did not see it. Where can I get self-confidence in order to tune in and satisfy her? I was sinking more and more into this despair and it seemed to me that it was impossible to fix it.


My 4th problem

I didn’t make women very much desired after the first sex. It's all about female genetics, as I soon learned, the point is that a large penis, strong erection and powerful ejaculation are at the heart of female desire. When she sees your ejaculation, she evaluates you as a male from whom she wants children. 


And at the genetic level, she wants you, and vice versa - if you have a weak erection, then how will she get pregnant from you . In fact, there is no direct connection between an increase in sperm count and an improvement in the quality of fertility, Semenax only increases sperm count, that's all. But for women, this is a special signal in which she evaluates you as a lover.

Male enhancement problems underlie low sperm count


A small amount of semen for a man is a problem. Since our male sexual health is a single mechanism - erection, premature ejaculation, desire for endurance,  I realized that I have a certain lack of some important microelements in the body. Improper diet and lifestyle, constant stress, a disordered nervous system.


And now about the found solution in the form of Semenax tablets

Semenax - this was my salvation, no less, I was able to increase my semen volume by about 5 times in just 6 months of taking the pills. I will start with the purchase of tablets, I put the link in the description of the video. I recommend buying directly from the manufacturer's website - it's cheaper, there is a money-back guarantee, you will definitely buy an original product and it will be delivered anywhere in the world.


What is this formula?

It has been known on the market for many years, hundreds of thousands of men have already tried it, and many porn actors take Semenax regularly to get the effect you see on the film. These tablets are recommended by experts as an effective solution to the problem. Porn actors are smart enough to avoid dangerous injections like 15 years ago, today they all use the Semenax supplement to make their cumshots look spectacular in the frame.


There is no risk for your health and your pocket

And most importantly, when buying pills you do not risk anything, since the manufacturer, in case of buying pills on the official website, guarantees the result or will return the money.  There is no more well-known or valid formula on the market than Semenax. The product is truly high quality and researched, it can be trusted and shipped worldwide, it is made by a well-known company that sells many products for sexual health . And by the way, In case of purchase on the official website, there are excellent discounts. A link to the official store is placed in the description below this video.


The first question is how does Semenax work?


This product contains herbal and plant extracts that stimulate sperm production. This process is described in detail on the Semenax website , the link to which I posted under this video. You can see , how it works from a medical point of view. It was important for me to make sure that there is some strong evidence of the effectiveness of the formula before choosing a pill to increase semen . Different clinical studies are published on the Semenax website demonstrating its effectiveness.


Now wet’s talk about side effects

Side effects are what we men fear most when we want to buy any supplement. Semenax - it's vitamins, that you need to improve sperm count, that’s it

An important fact! Semenax is certified and has passed all clinical studies, it contains only natural ingredients and may not cause allergies. This is clinically proven.


How To Take For Best Results?

I took 2 capsules 2 times a day, and the first results were seen within a month.

It’s not only about the supplement.

I also recommend paying attention to your habits, your lifestyle, it is advisable to go on a diet while taking the pills, I did it. I included foods containing zinc in my diet. All this is necessary to enhance the effect of Semenax .


How has increased sperm count affected my sex life?

I was several times more sperm, which now stood cumshots and I was able to cum more than ever. These are incredible sensations, new sensations that I did not have before, now I can not be ashamed of the volume of sperm that is released, it instilled confidence in my strength and in my capabilities as a lover. Of course, I do not have those ejaculations that I can see in porn, but the result was huge enough and it did not go away after I finished taking the pills since I decided that the diet I followed gives me more strength in sexual terms and helps keep ejaculation volumetric.


My results month by month:


1 month - after about 30 days I felt an increase in the quality of the orgasm, it was more explosive and gave more emotions

2 months - I really started to notice that the orgasm began to last longer and the first jerks of cum appeared, a hint of a cumshot

3 months - for the first time I noticed that there was more sperm, and every 2 times. And I already had cumshots , orgasm began to manifest itself in jerks, this was the first time with me.

4-5 months - a stable increase in the number of sperm, about 3 times, strong orgasms, powerful ejaculation and sperm flowed with cumshots

6 month - was the most productive, I managed to spew a lot of sperm and make cumshots and I could not stop enjoying it in sex



The Semenax product has had a significant impact on my sex life and such an important aspect as ejaculation, so I can recommend it to anyone and everyone. Follow the link in the video description to buy it.


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I have placed some pictures of my results on my website, the link is placed under this video.