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Your Privacy Is Protected

Your Privacy Is Protected
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Privacy Policy

The site is fully responsible for the safety of your personal information. On this page, we will tell you about what information we collect about you, how we store and use it.


Standard visitor information collection


All sites collect information about their visitors and browsers transmit various information through statistics servers. Such information cannot specifically identify the user, does not disclose his personal information. Typically, the data collected is used by site owners to improve their performance and information content.




We use cookies on our website to store information about the work of the audience: movement on the site, studying information, saving individual elements of information.

We have not installed any advertising scripts from well-known advertisers on our site, which means we do not collect a database for them and do not give them the opportunity to do this on our site.


Thus, working with our site you do not fall into the list of retargeting Google, Facebook.


How we control your privacy
In your browser, you can configure the ability to save cookies. It can be disabled or activated. Disabling cookies may adversely affect your user experience. After all, the next time you visit the site, it will load faster and you can more efficiently work with its pages.