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We've come up with a collection of frequently asked questions that Semenax customer service team has encountered if your question isn't answered on this page.


General Semenax Related Questions:

  • Who can take Semenax?
    Semenax sperm volume formula is initially designed for two categories of men: men in their 20s to 30s desiring to enhance their sexual performance and experience bigger loads, longer-lasting ejaculations and more intense orgasms; men in their 40s or more desiring to improve their ejaculate intensity and orgasms and restore their virility and energy. In both cases, Semenax works by increasing semen amount and, thus, makes your orgasms more explosive, boosts your sexual sensations, and gives higher pleasure.
  • Why is Semenax better than a prescription pill?
    Prescription erection pills usually do not solve problems with semen volume and quality. They only work by improving blood circulation and increasing blood flow to your genitals that enhance your erections. Besides, prescription medicines can cause a lot of side effects. Semenax is the best sperm volume supplement designed for men to improve their reproductive systems. Its herbs and vitamins nourish your body resulting in no adverse reactions. The supplement also addresses testosterone problems, ensures firm erections, boosts sex appetite, increases semen volume, and makes your orgasms more explosive.
  • How fast can results be expected?
    A lot of men report that they have noticed the first positive changes with their semen volume in seven days! However, to gain the highest effect, you are recommended using Semenax for two to three months. Within this period, your body is saturated with nutrients and can show the best result. After you complete a three-month program, you may continue taking the supplement to fix your gains and make them permanent. Otherwise, vitamins will start leaving your body, and your sexual performance will dropdown.
  • May Semenax help men with a vasectomy?
    Yes! Semenax can increase semen volume even in men who have suffered from a vasectomy. You will also experience all the benefits of higher seminal and prostate liquids as well as longer-lasting and more pleasurable orgasms.
  • Are there any known side effects?
    There is no reported side effect. But if you are concerned, you may visit our health care provider for professional advice if you are taking any medications or suffering from any medical conditions.


Order Related Questions:

  • Who can I contact if any questions or problems arise?
    You may communicate with the customer support team, which is glad to answer any questions related to Semenax.
  • Are any discounts on bulk purchases offered?
    Yes! The company provides discounts or/and free gifts for 2-month or more supplies to encourage you to take the supplement and make your results permanent. Here are great deals you would like to buy: 2-months supplies with $10 discount 3-months supplies with $25 discount; 4 to 6-months supplies with a $40 discount, free bonus gifts, and free shipping; 1-year supplies with $320 discount, free bonus gifts, and free shipping. In addition, you will have a 60-day money-back guarantee to try Semenax. If your results do not satisfy you, just send your order back within two months and receive a full refund (less shipping and handling fees).

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