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About us

Our team researches, tests and studies the Semenax product, which helps:

• Strengthen sperm count
• Improve erection and orgasm
• Establish libido
• Improve stamina in sex

We ourselves have been using this product for over a year to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of these pills to enhance male ejaculation.
We are a team of experts, journalists who are working on the same task - to increase the amount of sperm for ourselves. We take pills and work on our health to tell you about our results.

Men want to know how tablets work for ordinary people, without official statements, without medical research. And we want to give you just such information from buyers, journalists who know what interests you and know how to provide you with all the detailed information.

For many years we have been writing about products for male potency and penis enlargement. During all this time, we tested about a hundred different products and on our own experience, we tell which ones really work and which don't.

There are several formulas on the market today to increase sperm count: Volume Pills, Semenax, Maxocum, Semacore, Maxatin, Spermomax. Among them, only 2 products are clinically tested. It's about Semenax and Volume pills. Both formulas are made by Leading Edge Health, they work approximately the same but have a different composition.
Among the journalists in our team, there are also medical specialists who worked in the urology departments of well-known clinics. We created the site to give all the information about the product and pass on our personal experience.


You will learn:
• Does this formula work
• What ingredients does it include
• What experts and buyers say about it
• What does Semenax official medicine say
• Does this formula have side effects?

We shot videos, recorded our own routine about how we take pills and what we do to enhance the result. team will be happy to answer your questions, you can contact us at any time.